Simple physics question

I built a little television and am trying to get it to fall (using Blender 2.56). The problem is that the television’s dials and screen aren’t falling with it. This probably has to do with the dials being separate objects, but I can’t figure out how to fix it. I’ve tried parenting, but it has no effect when I play the animation. Could someone help me out with this? Thanks!

If you just want to merge the separate objects into one, select them all and use Ctrl+J. Select the main television object last so the merged object keeps its origin point. This will help with any physics simulations.


do the knobs have the same physics settings as the TV? if not try to see if that works but keep the paranting

Thanks, ctrl j worked. Now I’m having another issue with playing back animation. I’ve made letters that I want to drop to a plane with a jell-o like style. When I hit play to watch the animation, I get the spinning pinwheel of death. In the upper left corner of Blender, it says FPS 0.04 (the numbers change) in red. I’m not sure if it’s rendering and I just have to wait, or if it’s crashing. In one of the upper headings it says “Anim Player” with a red stop sign-like icon next to it.

When I watch the animation in Blender Game mode, it works, but I’m not seeing the jell-o effect. Also, some letters are falling half-way through the plane. Any help would be extremely appreciated! Thanks again!

When I scroll the timeline, I can’t see the text object unless I’m on frame 1. I probably just missed a minor step, but it’s melting my brain trying to figure it out!