Simple piece of abstract art

Hey guys. This is just a simple piece of abstract art I made using Cycles a few days ago in about 20 minutes. I know its simple but I still suck at using Blender. The image could be improved but I just felt like posting my work where it is now. All types of comments are very welcome!

…was thinking of something very similar just the other day…but maybe two or three colors of light…simple can often be best…and…IMHO…the sucking part gets bored and goes away if you ignore it and develop your ideas…have fun

That’s weird.
Yesterday I made almost the same thing.
You could experiment with more colors and some post-edit in photoshop. It’s a lot better than using nodes :smiley:

You two need to get out of each others heads before that mind meld becomes permanent. LOL

These are, actually, really neat images. I’m an abstract art lover. So, this kind of thing always ends up as wallpaper on my desktop. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys! I honestly didn’t think I would get even this much positive feedback on this simple image. Ill keep making more!


i want to excuse myself if i may sound a bit harsh, but this is basicly just an UV Sphere and a Plane? And also only 3 Materials? i have seen about 100 diffrent ones like that. They are called Glowing Stripes Balls, Tron Balls,… aso. It’s really a simple scene that everyone can build inbetween 5-30 minutes. Some people work weeks or months before they put it into the finished section, … i don’t wanne say anymore to this.

i just build this in 2 minutes and rendering was about 30 seconds with Blender Internal

I swear to jesus i have that first image already on my ipod, except i downloaded it years ago…

He said himself he is just a beginner, take it easy on him :slight_smile:

@Thecoolman5: As some others have said, it’s been done a lot, but quite a few people start with this sort of scene. I think it needs to be sharper, and whatever effect you have on it (DOF or motion blur) needs to go in my opinion. Cool anyway, and best of luck with your Blendering! :smiley:

@kilbee: Trippy! :smiley:

Yeah. I’m just a beginner. I know tons of people have already made a scene that looks very similar. I just got bored one day, created a scene based off a picture one of my friends showed me, and liked it so much that I decided to post it on a forum. There is no reason to hate me for it. Its great that all of you can create this same scene in minutes. I just got bored one day. There’s no reason to hate me for that.

@kilbee: they’re all so cute lol
@Allyc123: You probably have the image that I was referring to. It looks very similar except that the stripes on the spheres are slightly thinner on my image and the images have very different dimensions.

Lol. Looks fun.