Simple problem- making faces?

hey, i’m pretty new to blender, so bear with me.

i’m modelling a super simple foot… for a robot… i cant get blender to create a face out of the verticies i’ve selected, and cant figure out what i’m doing wrong anyways here’s what im doing so far

make > circle

grab verts, get the basic “footprint” shape

erase 1/2 the verts, leaving basicly a half circle

spin 180 degrees, 6 steps, 1 rotation

this leaves me with something that sorta looks like half an easter egg…

box select the verts on the open (bottom) edge

FKEY > fgon > make = error, no faces selected to make fgon

what am i doing wrong?

shift+f to fill the selected region [also, you need to have a closed loop of edges selected]

fgons are evil and you should forget they exist

you can only add a face when you have 3 or 4 verticies selected, if you have 2 selected it will make an edge. [more than 4 verticies and at best you can fill with shift=f]

If you have more than one face selected and press f blender will turn them into a fgon… a very useless feature.

ahhh cool thanks a ton

My favorite way to fill in an endcap like this is to select all the verts like you did, extrude it and just hit enter to have the new verts remain in place, then merge all the new verts together with alt-m. It makes a bunch of tris converging on a single vert in the middle just like on the cylinder primitive. I like it for a few reasons which I’m sure someone could logically refute but the biggest reason is that it feels neater than the fill function. Just a personal preference.


Merging (alt M) is okay unless you may want to deform across the region (like might happen with the bottom of a shoe). Filling (Shift F1) might also be a problem since it also creates triangles, and not always as you’d expect. Personally, I select 4 vertices at a time and make faces from one side of the “circle” to the other. These can be divided with loops or subdivision and will deform better if need be.

hey thanks again for everyones feedback :smiley: