Simple problem - splashing water.

I animated a particle to go in a little arc, as though water had dripped into a puddle. Easy. I added an empty, added a random…whatever that is…to it. Easy, works. I’ve got one little particle randomly jumping to the right, then disappearing. It’s a delta location, so I can move the empty anywhere. Great work Doug! I know, simple…here’s the question. I need to have the drips go in 360 degrees…I can change the random seed of each empty etc. But how do I get a duplicated empty to make the same particle simply jump in a different direction? Do I need to make 6 or seven particles with animations going in different directions? I tried rotating the empties…but that doesn’t work of course, because the animation says “Go up and down and to the right, young man!” Is there an easy way to use the same particle, same animation…and do something to the empties? I tried everything I could think of. Thanks.

Be to the ump. Bzzumple. Bumpity bump. It’s gonna be a bumpy road.

Anyone? No one? Bump again? Seems like someone should know.

An image speaks of thousand words. A scene, a subject… a sample. Simple :wink:

Hi 3dm. I’m having a hard time understanding how you added a particle system to an empty, or if indeed you’re using particles at all. Are you looking for a crown-splash effect, or something simpler?

A blend file would speak at least a few hundred words :wink:

I’ve attached the file. 2 things going on. Below, you’ll see a particle rain setup. That’s fine. In the middle, you’ll see the little rain particle. And yes, I want that crown drip effect.

Not a particle system. A game engine particle. Just a particle, meaning that an empty adds a plane with a texture for a short amount of time. The plan itself has an animation. That little arc shape. I need to get that arc shape going in different directions. I could add several planes (particles) which have individual animations to “bounce” in different directions. I was just thinking that there’s a more efficient way.

There are textures, but I’ve got it in wire frame as the drip particle is small.

The particle itself is on layer two.



Rain.blend (670 KB)

Bumpity bump. Added a file, above. Thanks. Anyone?