Simple project

My first project done in blender


It looks like a very nice warm place to be in the cold :slight_smile: I always like to find out how much of the scene an artist needed to model themselves. Was everything modeled on your own?

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Good evening! Thanks for your feedback! Yes, everything except the sofa was modeled and textured on my own. The work was done as an educational one, for myself. The design is not very, as it was quickly assembled from several pictures from the network.


Nice job. I myself am always reluctant to import something I have not made. That’s probably why it takes me eons to finish anything :blush:


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Nice Archviz render :grin:.

Thanks for your comment, I tried. Now your review inspires me)))

Thanks for the tip, now I’m finishing a few more projects, I hope you will like them as well)))

Pretty compfy vibes, looks like the classic snowy woods HDRi

Lovely render. @Eugenij is your first project in 3D or just Blender in general?

Thank! I began to study 3Ds Max, but accidentally tried Blender and decided to switch completely to it. This work was essentially done as an educational one.

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The fireplace is beautiful

I like it a lot, the lighting and the reflection on the floor are very good. Perhaps in the first image, the ceiling is somewhat burned. Very good work.

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