Simple Puppet

Okay… very basic puppet, crudely put together.

The local church used to have a full set of cloth puppets like this one, then someone felt “inspired” to give them away when on some missionary stint. I’d like to generate interest in them again, convincing people to get involved helping to make them, repair them and all the other jobs which would be needed. Trouble is, it’s so long ago, hardly anyone remembers…

…so, I’m thinking of making a CGI spoof to get their attention and regenerate some interest. The goal is not to have CGI puppets, but real ones (more hands on for the kids I think), although lipsyncing and making “new” characters might actually be plausable… see what happens.

edit: Anyone know of a good cloth tutorial that would animate with such a character for T-shirt designs etc? The above, while done in Blender, is only a “still” and I think there’s more invoved in making a moving version (e.g. not having the shirt start of floating).