Simple python scriptlink for selection?


could be someone of Python coders be so kind and help me how to make a very simple GUI for rig and its animating?

The idea is very simple. As you can see on this example picture it is just needed to:

  • select appropriate part of the GUI picture (I suppose to use mesh objects to represent the parts of the GUI picture).
  • the script would make a step that if you select hand in the picture the appropriate hand bone of the armature in pose mode would be selected (and the mesh picture would be deselected
    So in fact the code just “changes” the selection of the mesh into selection of the appropriate bone in pose mode and at the same time deselect the mesh.
    Here is very simple blend file for this python code:

Unfortunately I cannot code in Python but I guess this is just a few lines of code. So I would be very grateful for any help. Just a simple python code example for one bone and mesh object I guess that the rest I my find out somehow.

Example picture as well as video how this works e.g. in Maya are attached hereunder

OK, I am really sorry that no one could help with this.

So put it more simple is there anyone who could advice a simple python line. I have the scene with the cube…1 and the bone.001 of the armature.001.
The code should be:
if cube.001 is selected
then select bone.001 of the armature.001 in pose mode and deselect cube.001

And this should be made as script link so no need to Alt-P again and again for script to run.

I thought this is really very simple so thank you very much in advance to all python gurus that can help.

that seems like what I want to program in 2004, which I call “Easy Assistant Skin Tool”. However I never finish it, because I donno how to deal the mouse-select in python script

  1. it read the vertex groups from the selected mesh
  2. draw a diagram of the vertex groups( I stop here 4 years ago)
  3. if I select a rectangle, then the related vertex group is selected too( I never realize it)

Thank you Oyster. But I am really not python skilled to find out how your example would help me.

I believe that some python guru will help me eventually.