Simple question about AVI Jpeg codec

Hi all. I am playing around with some animation, and I want to render the animation in AVI Jpeg. It only takes up about 1,3% of the HD space that AVI Raw occupies. But when I render the animation in AVI Jpeg I can’t play the AVI-file. Or I can, but the movie is all black. I guess that I miss some ‘AVI Jpeg’ codec, but I don’t know where to find it.

I once animated in AVI Jpeg, and I could play back the animation fine. I guess that was on my old computer though…

Anyone out there that can help me?

Let me guess, your a windows user? What program are you using to playback your rendered animation?

I think AVI jpeg is basically the M-JPEG format. All the frames use jpeg compression. This is usually the compression standard that Analog Video Capture Cards use.

Anyways, I would recommend you try and play your animation with VLC ( VLC has embedded codecs and should be able to play your animation (theoretically.)

However. For the future I would suggest you render your frames out as an sequence of images and use a program such as Avidemux or Virtualdub to turn it into a Video File.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. If you render a series of images. You can easily continue your Render, if for some reason you had to break it of at a certain frame number.

  2. If you use virtual dub or avidemux to convert your image sequence to a video file, you have a greater choice of codecs and can fiddle with the bitrate and quality settings to optimise the size.

I’ve run into issues on XP with Windows Media Player not being able to play it. Which is really stupid because that format is like a decade old. BUT it works on my machine now. BE SURE YOU ARE USING A STANDARD VIDEO SIZE, LIKE 640x480