Simple Question: EnvMap or RayMirror

Hullo again…

I was just wondering…is there a difference between Env Maps and Ray Mirror?



ray mirror is difficult to blur
doesnt support halos and light flares [halos]
ray mirrors are easy to get accurate relections from [envmaps are usually an approximation]
they reflect everything [envmaps dont’ have to]

… umm, I guess that is about it

envmap is good for animating reflections they render quicker. Raymir gives a nicer effect put is cpu and memory heavy

so if i were to make a chrome sphere, then it wouldnt matter whether i used a EnvMap or RayMirror…


envmap is less detailed ray mir gives a clearer reflection. envmap is a simulated reflection that is blurry

That’s partly true. Envmap have a resolution parameter, so you can have them as clear as you need.


envmaps have 2 main problems:

  1. it’s not an accurate mathode.
  2. it’s can’t make self reflection of an object.

on the other hand envmaps are way faster… making them good for animation, and as you pointed they can be blured to creat a glossy effect.