Simple question from noob on selecting

Hello, I am very new to rendering and all this 3-D modeling business. I am trying to start off by making a simple die by following this tutorial. I’m stuck at the part that reads “Go to front view, enter Edit-mode (TAB), and using the box-selection tool, select the top vertices of the die.” I run into a problem when I try to select vertices from the cube and vertices the sphere(s), I can’t seem to properly select both because I can’t seem to view both the sphere’s and cube in edit mode, one is always stuck in object mode when I switch back and forth. I need to do this to use the “set solid” feature. I notice in my outliner box that lists all my objects (sphere, cube, camera, etc), there doesn’t seem to be some kind of way to merge the two objects like layers (sorta) in Photoshop.

I hope I worded this at least somewhat coherently, I’m sorry I’m very new to this and I’m not terribly familiar with all the modeling jargon. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Ya skipped one step.

“The next step will be to fill up the remaining space in the top-plane of the die. To do this, I first join the meshes of the die and the half-spheres (CTRL-J).”

Select all the mesh objects first, then CTRL-J while still in object mode.


Joins all selected objects to one single object. (The objects must be of the same type.) The center point of the resulting object is obtained from the previously active object. Performing a join is equivalent to adding new objects while in Edit mode.


Not very well explained by the tutorial is it. To take it one detail further, you’ll want the LAST object selected to be the cube so that the center point will stay within it and not move out to the location of on of the half spheres.


Thank you so much! I knew it was something simple, I must have looked all over blender for an hour for something like that. I can’t believe i missed it in the tut though.