simple question, how to turn a page

Im trying to create a turn page presentation. the idea is pretty simple, I press the right arrow key and the first page turn to the second.
the problem is:how can I make this, because when I press the right arrow key all the pages turn at the same time.
I don t know how to do it, I m tired to try solve it.
If someone cold help I apreciatte.

use property’s

Here is an example blend file,it uses IPOs,and propieties .Also for this to work well the pivot point of the pages must be at a side,not center.


Pageturning.blend (152 KB)

thanks, I doesn t know the bge very deep as you see, you really help me a lot, I m trying to create a virtual book that I wrote, it s a simple photo book for my friends, thanks a lot.
I don t understand how it works at all yet, but im trying.
Thank you man, god bless you.