simple question (i think)

well i got this shape but it is a little boxy for my liking i would like it to be rounder on the corners is there a way of doing this?

anyone know?

try the subsurf button (edit buttons)
check the set smooth button (also edit buttons)

understand the difference
don’t confuse 'em.

well it kinda worked but it aint wat i wanted when i did sub surf it just made it all knobley all i want is like rounded corners

If you have one of the CVS builds available from, you can enter edit mode, select all vertices, hit ‘W’ and select Bevel from the menu that appears. Is this what your looking for?

You are requesting informations on the fine art of beveling. Blender, unlike other softwer do not posses automatic bevelling (yet)

Only Blender Black belts 1st dan know how to bevel.

Tuts are available, look in the list!


If you don’t worry about your vertex count, you can press the subdivide button, which will make the mesh less responsive to the subsurf and reduce the ‘knobliness’. It is however a workaround and might not be the perfect solution.

Stefano’s (S68) statement is quite right (which is no surprise).

Hi! Im not sure if this is what Nico ment, but i would do it the following way.

Select all the mesh’s vertices (A-key) and go the the Edit Buttons (F9). Press the “Subdivide” Button (its towards the right) about 3-4 times and then press the “Smooth” button which is a bit under the Subdivide button also about 3-4 times.
Next press the “Set Smooth” button which is towards the left and at the bottom once and now your box should have rounded edges.

Hope i helped! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

wow thx crazy that is just what i wanted