Simple Question regarding Scripting with Blender

Hello, I need some advice on whether or not I can use
Blender for my application.

I think my application is rather simple. I need to develop
simple animation similar to the animation shown in
this youtube video:

Basically, I would like to develop animation, which shows
DNA (represented by spheres) flowing through a nanopore (a tube
represented by atoms, which will be spheres of different sizes)
from two external text files:

  1. One file that will contain x,y, z coordinates of a
    nanopore (these coordinates will not change). Just think of
    a nanopore as being a “tube” represented by a collection
    of atoms. The data will have 4 columns: x, y, and z
    coordinate information as well as a type column. The
    type column defines what kind of atom is being plotted (the type
    parameter will determine what size and color the sphere is that
    represents the atom). I would like to read in this data only once,
    but plot it throughout the entire animation.

  2. One file that will contain x, y, z coordinates of the
    DNA positions as a function of time. So, this data will also have
    4 columns, x, y, and z data as well as a fourth column, which
    will be time.

So, what I would like to do is read in coordinates from the
nanopore file (file number 1 above) and plot a sphere for each
atom in the nanopore, with the size and color of the sphere
dependent upon what type of atom is being plotted.

Then, to create the movie, I would like to plot the DNA from the
DNA coordinate file as a function of time, showing the DNA flowing
through the tube. Again, plotting an sphere to represent the DNA.

The physics computational engine has already been build in Fortran,
I just need to build a visualization tool to view my results.

My question is, can I use Blender and Python to create this application?

Are there any tutorials that focus on this type of application?

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

you can easily do what you want.
First create the different types of objects you want.
Then you only have to write two importers.
Creating/duplicating the objects at the appropriate positions should be simple enough, then you only have to write a function which sets the fcurves for the objects from your animation data.
To see how objects are created have a look into any of the add mesh scripts. The only script that manipulates fcurve data at the moment is simplify curves, i think.
join #blenderpython at freenode to talk to other blender python scripters.
Good luck.