simple question ( rigs / animation )

when i m animating a charakter

4 example i want to make him a handstand
then he puts his hand on the ground and swings his legs up.

now after i put his feet on the ground , i dont want to move every single bone so i 4 example pick his foot and move it up so the whole body moves up.

i have some problems with the Ik solver , so plz put that possibility aside ( expect its the only way to solve this problem )

now when i move his body up , the whole body moves .
thats ok but the hands move a bit as well
but i want them to stay on the exact same position on the ground like before

is there a possibility to simply order this bone ( the hand bone ) to NOT move whatever i do to the rest of the body ( but still stay connected of course ) ?
like i can move an arm after disconnecting the shoulder from the upper arm ?

For this, you really need to have IK arms.

do u know a good tutorial with this ik thing ?

So wait… you don’t have any IK on your rig?

Perhaps you should have a look at the BSOD Introduction to Rigging.

ah i finaly made it !

and such a simple mistake :>
oh man im so glad

thx 4 posting that riglist

It’s fantastic when you search and search, and then, BAM!: some cool guy outta nowhere gives you exactly what you need. lol