Simple question: screendump + file selection window HOW?

I am trying to make a screendump on Blender 2.33 on OS X. Thanks for letting me know what I’m doing wrong:

CTRL-OPT-F3 while looking at the 3D Window
I get a file selection Window, with button labelled “SAVE PNG”
Type in “/Users/alex/Desktop/test.png” as the folder name
Click “SAVE PNG”
Popup menu says “OK? Makedir”
All I can do is click Makedir, or hit RETURN
Either way Blender creates a directory named “test.png”
Click “SAVE PNG” again
Popup menu says “Save over /Users/alex/Desktop/test.png/”
Click it
Back to normal 3D window, but no .png image file is written out as far as I can tell. I have an empty directory named “test.png”

you put the filename in the bottom text box

the top one is for a dir, if you put a name in there of a directory which doesn’t exist it will prompt you to create that directory

z3r0 d thanks I knew it had to be something easy. That works!

What made me unable to grok the concept is the red keyboard cursor does not appear when I click into the bottom text box. If I go ahead and type the filename, then the red cursor does appear. DOH!

You maybe knew this but some Mac users don’t - that you can also capture a screen with shift-command-3 or 4. 3 takes the whole screen, 4 gives you a cursor to draw a selection box. This is handy if you want to capture only a part of the Blender window.