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(ulrik) #1

Hi, I am currently checking out the Blender game engine as a possible alternative to the IRIX Performer for very basic VR things.

For those of you who don’t know, IRIX Performer is a programing environment around the OpenGL standard on IRIX and Linux machines, and maybe the number one choice in anything that concerns individual realtime 3d visualisation solutions (there are others like Open Inventor, but I prefer Performer). One of the most commonly tasks done in Performer is a simple “walk through” through a building or stuff like that…a very basic functionality which still requires a bit of programming. I have done several of similar and more complex projects in the past, and know I’d like to take a look into the blender game engine.

I heard that it is not as fast and by far not as powerful as Performer, but that’s not a problem since I am looking for a very specific kind of solution, namely the mentioned walktrough, so all the functionality I need is the possibility to move the camera in first person view with the arrow keys, to look around with the mouse (no movement, just controls camera rotation) and of course clipping has to be implemented, so that if I run against a wall, I stop. A basic form of gravitation does also have to be there, so if I go down a stair, the camera actually “levels” on the floor.

Is it hard to do this? I searched this forum but didn’t find exactly what I was looking for. Could anyone point me into the right direction? An example .blend file, a tutorial, whatever?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hello ulrik

welcome aboard
Blender is just FANTASTIC and perfectly match your desires!!

And if you will keep your “world/scene” fairly low poly count, let’s say
± 5000 (with 3d cards) you’ll get nice FPS.

here’s some links (but there are many more out there) to some little old demos ( hope that the links are good): 819 kb 1545 kb

that’s .blend files so you can see how things work

and a link to some tuts:

There’s a walktrough demo and tut somewhere, but …??


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Sorry the second link actually is like this:


(ulrik) #4

Thanx for the links, but I found blender to be just too slow.

5000 Polygons??? Sadly, this is not enough for the task I need it for, compared to Performer, and it doesn’t support hardware AA.

Well, but now I know why I tortured myself with learning performer :slight_smile:

If only something like this would exist for the PC…

(OTO) #5

5000 polys is just a very general “good amount”
There are many ways to speed up things.
And you can break your “big” scene in many “little” ones that can
run very fast


(Fred_Pyo) #6

you can do a real big scenario… but you can limit the poly count to… 5000 per room… so that when you go from one room to the other, one is loeaded and the other is unloaded… using actuators such as replace object or the old-new visibility option… you can achieve your… objective