Simple question...

and one that i’ve been debating if i should post or not for the last hour. I apologise for it, because i know that i can find the answer by searching many and many posts. I’ll get to it…

I was wondering just what kind of games can be created with the Blender game engine? From what i’ve seen so far it seems that a decent range can be made, from 1st person shooters to flying simulators (basic ones, yet impressive).

But the question on my mind is one of what are the limits that can be done. The reason why is because i’ve been using blender for awhile now and am impressed at what can be done with using it to create beautiful images and animations. Being a writer i’ve been hoping to create animations of some of my stories, short ones ofcourse. But after seeing on here a basic adventure style game i got to wondering if it might be interesting to create a game like that. For example like the Broken Sword series.

Any help that you guys can give me with the limits of what can be done is much appreciated.

For such a simple question that went on for a bit didn’t it? lol

Welcome hawkes !

I think you can make anything with game engine.

but there’s some limits:

No shadow (you have to fake it yourself)
No particles (you have to fake it yourself)
No multi texturing
Trouble with alpha textures (known as the “alpha bug”)

What you can’t do with logic bricks could be achieve with python script.

And remember Blender is free and blend files can run on mac/linux,windows…