Simple Question

Pretty new to all this… my models seem to be all linked together when I duplicate them! when i texture them they all have the same texture applied to them! how do I unlink these models so I can modify them separately?

Thanks for your help



The most likely cause is that your objects share the same material. In the Links and Pipeline panel (F5) press the “X” next to the material name, then click “Add New” to create a new material and texture. Alternatively, if you don’t click the “X” first, you can just select “Add New”. This will create a new material, but it would be identical to the other. The purpose for just clicking “Add New” would be if you wanted a new material, but would like to base it off the original.

Best of Luck!

If that’s not the case, then it might be that you were using alt-d instead of shift-d, which will make copycat-clones of the mesh that are effectively only different in overall size,position,rotation (possibly material if you set it up, and some other features like particles, but anyway); if that’s the case you can break them apart by going into the link-and-materials box in the edit buttons and hitting the numbered button next to the “ME:Mesh Name” box and accepting the “make single user” action. If the button dosen’t show up, than this isn’t the problem :).

Thanks a lot guys, Thats clear up my problems.