Simple question

Ok i have an easy question (I think)
In a game, i am trying to make it so when you walk up to a person text appears on the screen as if the person is talking to you.
I know how to make something happens when you get close to it but i don’t know how to make the text appear
Will someone please help

Umm… Maby make anoder scene with the text and then if you are near the “human” the overally scene.

use an edit object actuator (‘add object’ and add the text object). link it to a near sensor i would think. im not fluent in the GE but im pretty sure something like that would work.

Here is a simple blend that I made for SelfStudent awhile ago. When you collide with the box and have the mouse over the box it displays the message.

Hope it is what you are looking for.

Thanks Azazel thats exactly what i was looking for