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here to vote for a sticky :smiley:

Yeah, sticky would be useful here…

Too many stickies as it is. I think resurrecting one of those FAQ database projects (like the one MagicMan ran some time ago) would be a good move here.

That or we can take down one of the “less used” stickies that just occupy space, like the “Branching for CB” and the “Bullet Demo contest” stickies.

Meh, it’s always half chaos either way you make it.

Yeah, Im sorry for attemptin to intrude on your sticky space. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
We could definately get rid of a couple of em. I didnt know that magiman ran such a database. Was it just a thread like this?..

Nah, afaik it was more like a form on his site that took on “noob questions”, and stored them to be answered I guess.

I don’t know the details, but he did run it for some time (It was a link in his sig, not there now though)

Someone can start a thread on that idea, or something similar. If the community shows interest, we can always PM magic man and ask him to bring it back.

However, considering that people didn’t get all that involved when he first started it, and the fact that he’s still working on the “Blender Barrage” project, I wouldn’t be surprised if he refused to bring it back.

Definitelly worth a try though.


why can’t we post .blend files (even those that are less than 244 kb) to this forum?!?!? It makes getting help from others next to impossible. thanks.

Um, you just have to host them on
The sit cant host them for you…
And hey, at least that comment didnt make you seem like a complete noob…

ok… but that still doesn’t answer the question, exactly. Can any admin please explain the rationale behind blocking .blend files?

I use google pages for all my uploading needs to this forum. There are no ads, commercial banners, waiting time, it’s just straight to the download for anyone.

You need to have a gmail account to have a google page ftp, and the storage limit is 100MB, but considering the small size of your average .blend, 100MB goes a long way.

I highly reccomend it.

PS: If anyone needs a gmail invite, I have about 50 invitations that I can give out, so don’t be shy to ask.

Because storage space costs $$$, and not everyone uploads worth while .blends, sometimes people just upload crap, and blenderartists doesn’t need to spend money on hosting all that stuff. Just get a google page, and use it as your upload point, or you can choose one of a million free hosting sites on the net.

therees no rule or anything, you just cant attach files in some forums…

uh i don’t think you need an invitation to gmail anymore…at least i didn’t need one.

If you go to it clearly states that the only way to sign up is to register through a phone via an access code that they send to your phone, or to have someone give you an invite.

How would I settup something to count how many points, how many times i do this, etc. Thanks.

By incrementing a property every time you to “that”.

Look through the tuts/demos sticky, I’m sure someone wrote a tutorial, or made a demo.

there’s plenty more crap available as .jpegs on this web forum… I think .blend file hosting would improve the site immensely. There’s a ton of dead .blend file links strewn about, making it difficult for the newbie to figure out exactly what he is doing or the best approach to a problem.

That’s why people should host their stuff on sites which don’t employ harsh inactivity protocolls (time limit after which the files are deleted). Don’t use some backwater host, use a large service like google, or savefile.

Also, it would be good to keep in mind that while there are some dead links around, for every single dead link, there are usually 5 active ones. The point is, there are multiple sources linking to similar information, don’t blame the system if you don’t know how to search properly.

Further more, using the internet and all it’s services is actually better than centralizing the data to a single set of blenderartists servers.

There is no reason to waste money on some elaborate database to host “everything”, that’s what the internet is there for in the first place, and if you do things right it will work just fine.

PS: If you come across a dead link, and you can’t find anyting else that presents a similar set of information, you can always PM the original user who made the post and ask him/her to either update the link, or give you a direct download.

The Story on that FAQ:
The FAQ Manager stopped working for me and the support from the site it was hosted on never responded to my email. I decided to abandon that project because it wasn’t working.

I would be able to code my own FAQ for this purpose but only after I finish Blender Barrage. And of course in order to finish Blender Barrage I need community contributions. The more minigames I get for this project, the more motivated I will be to recreate the Blender Game Engine FAQ.

k I’ve got a problem…I’m new to this so leave me alone ummm…K I made a weapon that shoots right, but i want you only able to shoot like every 10 seconds but I’ve changed the delay time and everything but people can just click extremely fast and it will shoot extremely fast. I also have a problem with my ball game thing, I did the empty and all that so now the ball rolls fine, but every so often the camera will go out of control…any help would be nice… thank you…anyone? please i need help

Yea, I have nearly same problem… I want weapon/gun .blend example. I want weapon what shoots only one bullet at time. I want to do sniper gun, not a uzi =(( can someone help me, please.