simple realtime update location (beginner)

I was wanting to know if anyone would be able to write me a simple script that copied the location of one object to another with instant update— so if I move cube1 in LocY 3 units-- cube2 moves LocY 3 units at the same time–

Thanks in advance–

it’ll help a lot-- just wanting to learn a few things

import Blender
from Blender import*

cbs = [o for o in Object.Get() if o.getName()[:4] == 'Cube']
l = cbs[0].getLocation()
for cb in cbs[1:]:
	for i in [0,1,2]: cb.setLocation(l[i])


for Cube(s) - objects named Cube

Thanks – but I still can’t get that to work-- if it’s no trouble would you be able to email a blend?-- What I really what is a simple resource that tells you how you can link this attribute with this in realtime-- then I can put my own maths in etc-- Is there a resource to get started like this, I’m sure there would be plenty of animators out there who wouldn’t mind some tasks automated when they are working.

linking – sliders to vertex keys-- objects to vertexkeys etc via ipo. -
(I know sliders to vk – possible in realtime?)
sliders to objects–
objects to objects using a formula–

where is a starting point?—


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