Simple Renaming Panel

@Weisl, could you tell me the difference between your addon and addon name panel made by proxe? Now I use name panel but maybe your addon has something new or better and then I could use both or switch to yours

@midan I haven’t taken a closer look to the name panel before. But my first impression is that, both add-ons offer similar functionalities. It seems to me, that the name panel is a bit more advanced. in its features. You can specify more detailed, which kind objects you want to rename, in which context and you have more different object types to choose from.

My addon at the other hand is made to be simple. I hope that I managed to make the add-on so, that when you open the addon the first time you are immediately knowing what you are doing. Simply specify a new name, press the button and it is done. Simple and fast.

One feature that my addon offers, in contrast to the name panel, is the type suffix prefix panel (at least I didn’t see it). This feature allows you fast and easy to add suffixes, prefixes to all objects by type. How useful that is, highly depends on your personal workflow.
For the name panel it took me some time to find out how it works. Maybe you can compare them with simplicity vs. more features. But that is my opinion and as the developer of one of them I don’t think I can be objective.

I hope that was somehow useful?!

Pretty much the only time I need to re-name a bunch of things is when I have multiple objects sharing the same data. I want to name the data-block, and all the objects the same. The standard Blender .xxx nomenclature is fine.
How would I do that with this tool?
Bonus points, give this functionality the (ALT-N) shortcut, and pop up a little dialog so I can hit the shortcut, type in the new name, hit enter, and be done!

I hope I got you right. To do what you say, I would select one of the objects. Press Shift+L and select “Object Data”. All objects with the data are selected. Now you can enter a new name in the “Renaming Mode” Object (first row), switch to Renaming Mode “Data”, control if “Only of Selected Objects” is cheked and press “Replace Names” again. That should do what you want.

About the functionality with (ALT-N) I will think about for the next release.


Will there be support 2.8 ?

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My plan is to port it. I don’t think this is gonna happen before februrary. I have done a first test: You can donwload it from following link. Some features are missing:


Many thanks! Happy New Year!


If you unzip it and install the “” directly, it should work.

I will try to make it work from the zip again. But for now simply install the script file directly.

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Hey :slight_smile: I fixed this issue and updated the release zip. It can now be installed diractly from the zip without unziping it and installing the *.py file. Thanks for the report.

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Thanks, Weisl! :slight_smile:

Hi Weisl,
I just tested your addon for the first time under Blender 2.8 because I had a name problem on a lot of the object, impeccable, thank you

Good to hear :slight_smile: The next weeks I should have some time to improve the UI for 2.8. No promises :slight_smile:

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I have updated the addon for blender 2.8. You can download it from Github or Gumroad. The versions for Blender 2.79 are also available for download on both platforms.

Key Feature:

  • [NEW] Support for light probes and speaker objects
  • [NEW] Option to specify object type when renaming objects
  • [NEW] Support for blender 2.80 specifc object types (e.g., lightprops, greace pencil)
  • [NEW] It is possible to rename selected bones (Thanks to Cube Creative)
  • Works for objects, materials, collections, image textures, object data and bones
  • Choose if all or just selected objects should be effected
  • Search and replace
  • Match case option for search and replace
  • Add suffixes and prefixes
  • Numerate
  • Trim names
  • Rename object data after object name
  • Add suffixes or prefixes by specific object types
  • Simple and clean UI
  • Customizable UI position
  • Auto updater

Missing in 2.80:

  • Customizable UI position
  • Auto updater

Known issues in 2.80:

When moving the mouse over the infromation popup a display error occurs sometimes. The popup switches from showing the renamed objects to no object has been renamed.


Very usefull addon! Thank you!

Thank You!


Please tell me more about how you use this addon? What are features you really miss? How do you integrate it into your workflow? I am curious, as I can only tell it from my own experience.

If you find this addon to be useful and want to support me, consider donating me a small amount on gumroad. This would be highly appreciated :blush:

I have just added these functionalities:

  • Support for Actions
  • Support for Shape Keys
  • Support for regular expressions in search and replace
  • Option to disable Popups in the user preferences

Download the latest version of the master branch from github. I haven’t tested this features for long. If you run into any issue, please write it here :).

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ist there a way to make the numeric suffix, starting with .000 instead of .001
thats just a little personal taste thing

I could make it a setting. That shouldn’t be too hard. But by doing so I could also make some other things optional, like the seperator or so. I think that could be valuable for some. Let me know what you would like to have exposed as a parameter in the preferences? :grinning: