Simple Renaming Panel

Thank You!


Please tell me more about how you use this addon? What are features you really miss? How do you integrate it into your workflow? I am curious, as I can only tell it from my own experience.

If you find this addon to be useful and want to support me, consider donating me a small amount on gumroad. This would be highly appreciated :blush:

I have just added these functionalities:

  • Support for Actions
  • Support for Shape Keys
  • Support for regular expressions in search and replace
  • Option to disable Popups in the user preferences

Download the latest version of the master branch from github. I haven’t tested this features for long. If you run into any issue, please write it here :).

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ist there a way to make the numeric suffix, starting with .000 instead of .001
thats just a little personal taste thing

I could make it a setting. That shouldn’t be too hard. But by doing so I could also make some other things optional, like the seperator or so. I think that could be valuable for some. Let me know what you would like to have exposed as a parameter in the preferences? :grinning:

… what do you exactly mean by that?

can you type an example “renaming” result for that particular example?

let’s say you have 3 cubes and you want to rename them to mycube. The current result is:


The seperator is hardcoded to be “_”. I could add a setting to change it, e.g., to “-” of “.”. The new result would then be:

mycube-001 or mycube.001
mycube-002 or mycube.002
mycube-003 or mycube.003

I would add this setting to the addon preferences, as I think it is not often needed and not often changed.

Hello Weisl. it is a really good addon and super usefull for me. I just want to know. is it any way to rename objects in the order that I selected them. thanks

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I will check out how how much work it is :grin:

I did a little research. It seems to be more complex than I expected. I didn’t find an easy solution yet. I don’t know if and when I will find the time to look further into it. Sorry

It is OK. I hope you can do it. if is not. It is a really good addon and still really useful. thanks


The first let me say to author thanks a lot. It’s a cool add-on.

I think it would be nice if separator will be in the add-on. It will be useful.

Also, I wanna ask how can I rename Data in an object the same name as the object?

Let say I create two Cube (with default names). And I rename them to “Box”. Data did not rename, only object.
And I cannot use Data Name because if this field is empty this function doesn’t work. And I need the same names, but I cannot do that. Only by hands.


Renaming the data blocks when renaming the objects could easily be implemented as an optional feature. The big question is how to handle datablockes that are used from multiple objects?

I see the issue. It does make sence to disable the check on empty string on this input field.

Download the master from Github and it should work. Let me know if you encounter a problem! This feature was not well ported from 2.79. It should now support all new 2.80 object types (e.g. grease pencil, background images).
The problem with multiple objects using the same data persists. Currently it randomly chooses an object name.

So fast. :slight_smile: Thanks. It works.

By the way, If anyone needs other the separate char instead “-” then use “Search and Replace” after you have set new names. It works for “Data Name” too.

What do you mean? Can you give an example?

Let’s say there are the objects box_001 and cube_002. By selecting them and pressing CTRL+L you can share the object data. How should the data be named? Box_001, Cube_002 or something else?
Right now it picks one of the names randomly.

IMO there are not random names. It set name orderly and at the end set last object name to the data link, and so data link name has the last object name. Or I don’t understand you.

It’s all IMO.

  1. If Blender API allows getting to know does object has “data link” or it’s own data then I would set selected/active object name to data name if it’s data link.
  2. If it’s own data (not link) I would set current object name.
  3. If there is not selected/active object (but it’s link) I would set fist object name.

Let see:

Object\Data link (object not selected)
Cube_1\Cube_1 (link)
Cube_2\Cube_1 (link)
Cube_3\Cube_1 (link)

Box_1\Box_1 (link)
Box_2\Box_1 (link)

Sphere_1\Sphere_1 (own)
Sphere_2\Sphere_2 (own)

Object\Data link (object selected)



p.s. Sorry for grammar mistake if any.

4. If the object has a link name set before I would be skipped this object.

Thanks :slight_smile: i am gonna look into it and test it.

this is awesome! blender does need a easy to use renamer like this! I just cant find a way to rename actions :frowning: would be really useful! but I see how it wouldnt work well with the current implementation. the renamer panel at the outliner would be cool!