Simple Renaming Panel

Hi :slight_smile: Renaming Collection is already implemented for some time. This is a feedback I got more often. This means it is not clear to the user. Therefore, I will evaluate on how to make it more obvious.


I have just updated the Release on Github and Gumroad. I don’t remember what exactly I added. The most important thing is custom Hotkeys. You can change them in The preferences! Took me way too long to implement this.

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Hi :slight_smile:
I have updated the versions on Gumroad and Github. If you have any issues, let me know. The most important feature is:

Custom Hotkeys are now supported!


Super cool addon - exactly what i need these days!

I am happy that it is useful for you :wink:

Hey @Weisl

I’ve tried installing the addo-on on 2.8 but it doesn’t come up.

Not sure if this helps.

P.S. stoked to try it out, looks super useful!

Hi :slight_smile: Thank you for the information. The Folder hierarchy within the zip was wrong. I have updated it on github as well as on gumroad. It should work now. Let me know it you have any issue!

Hey, I am using your addon for about a year already. :slight_smile: Thank you for porting it for blender 2.8. There is one thing that I wish was possible to do with your beutiful addon.
Selecting low poly and high poly on scene and adding accordingly _low and _high suffix (and also for example renaming high poly base name to match low poly). There were an addon for 2.79 which did this (I guess after selecting meshes it compared polycount and detect which mesh is hp and which lp), but there is no 2.8 version. And it would be amazing to stay with one complete addon. What you think about this?

Hi :slight_smile: i know the addpn you are talking about. I used it a lot as well. It shpuld be quite small to add. I am just not sure how to add it to the ui. Probably i add a section for operations like that :slight_smile: thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Amazing! That would be awesome.