Simple Renaming Panel

Is there a way to control the number of letters in the Random name?

Would be so nice to have it, I think we’ve been doing it manually since day 1 in Blender and not seeing the point.

Hi @Weisl. Nice addon here. Is is possible to add UV Maps renaming function? I’m trying to migrate to Blender and renaming UV Maps on multiple object by hand feels very time consuming

You can try Asset Creation Toolset addon. It has a UV Rename tool.

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@anphung Awesome. Both addons work great for me now.

Interesting suggestion. I have to admin that I have never thought about that. I know the issue of renaming UV maps to fit better into another pipeline. E.g., Maya that uses set1 as UV map naming. I always wrote special scripts to handle the UV renaming. But I should add a more generic possibility of renaming UV maps to my addon.

Hi Weisl

Is there a way to define the start number when using the number variable? It’s super handy but always seems to start a zero for example if I put myBone_@n_l it’ll always start with myBone_00_l. If I need to start at myBone_01_l and up I need to change that manually.

Thanks in Advance.

I know that i added this feature for somebody, but i think it is still not in master. Check in the preferences if the setting is exposed. Otherwise you can try this branch :grin:.

Thanks, I did try that branch earlier today as the setting isn’t in the master version. But it only seems to affect the numerate when adding numbers to the end. Numerate always seems to start at 1 (.001), but the number variable (@n) starts at 0. At least that’s the experience I had earlier today but I could just be missing something. I just thought I’d mention it, you can get around it by doing it in 2 steps, the first section of the name using numerate to add the number, then add the same suffix to all. So it’s not a big deal, thanks anyway.

I will adjust it the next time I work on the addon. :grin: I think it is just changing a few values.

Hi, I fixed it. I changed some logic in the way the numerate works for all areas. So let me know if there are any issues. You can find the update on this branch.

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