Simple Renaming Panel

Can you post a screenshot of the issue? That would make it easier to help.
Did you download it from the releases here This issue could occur from the zip file having the wrong folder structure, which might be the case when downloading the addon directly from master instead of the releases.

If you have older version remove and try again. If you get any errors please share the console screenshot so anyone can help better

This is by far the best batch renaming script I’ve found for Blender. It’s in my opinion how the default blender renaming should have been (none of this highly incompatible “.001” crap)

If I may suggest an improvement, the thing this needs is to be FASTER and less clicky.
For example, Using a single simplified hotkey to batch rename one or multiple objects.
If we already have set up (via N panel) that we want a “_Geo” suffix, we could have a hotkey that you can press (say f2) and a simplified popup where you can INMEDIATELY start typing the new batch name, then only need to press ENTER to apply (instead of having to use the mouse to find all the right boxes and buttons). Ideally this would give your new name, the numbering (_001, _002) and also the suffix you chose.
Even better would be if it could use the rules you have cleverly made possible, such as using Collection name or object type!
If I may suggest looking at the “Renamer 2.0” for Maya by Erik Lehman, that is a great one.

Thanks, @Oscar_Chabrand. I will check out the “Renamer 2.0” and save the improvements as a task. I see the advantage of reducing the number of clicks and I will look into it once I have time. I can’t tell you when it will happen, since I am prioritizing bugs and other projects I am currently working on :slight_smile: I really appreciate that you took the time to write this down!

You can follow the task here:


Thank you for replying! Engaged indie developers is the very lovely thing about the blender community.
Thank you for your hard work!

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Hello, thanks for this add-on, I am thankful you keep the version for Blender 2.79 on your GitHub, I am still on 2.79 cause the changes they included on 2.8+ makes Blender not work properly on my old laptop

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Glad it is useful :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for this tool.

However, it would be great if you could add an option to Search and Replace vertex group names, too.


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@Weisl very nice and useful addon!
@Creiz - you can use this addon to change the vertex group name (you can change to capital, find and replace, add a prefix, and more…

Hi :),
Thanks for the feedback. Vertex groups are on my list but it won’t happen any time soon. I have been looking into this feature in the past and had some issues on how to implement it. Feel free to post suggestions on how you would use it and what functionality it should offer. You can do so directly here or on the GitHub ticket (
I am currently focusing on other projects and only provide support for bug fixes and version updates, so no promises when it will happen.

I hope you find a workaround for the time being or can use the addon suggested by @gilad.r.f (I haven’t tried it myself).

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great addon . BUT i used the addon pie menu editor to move the panel into the rightclick menu of the outliner and removed the npanel instead … that makes the addon even better

I am very surprised that that even works. Could you share a small video or some screenshots showing how you use it? That would be great and help me a lot in improving the user experience :slight_smile: . It does indeed sound useful if it works.

yes tomorrow , im not at the workstation right now . but i have two different configs … one is just calling the whole “renaming panel” in a floating ?panel?(looks exactly like the npanel but its floating) , but since i 99% use just the first function to rename i isolated it , its so much easier than scrolling npanels …

pie menu editor can add every operator , ui element , or just a script or hotkey to almost every menu, header or in the properties. its not perfect , but very good.

but in general devs could add their stuff anywhere in blender , its just not documented

Thanks a lot. I am not fully sure how it works since the context data in the Outliner is different from the context data from the 3D view. Seeing an example might help me to understand it :slight_smile:

you should just download and try it , its one of my best purchases on blendermarket

also check out the pimped out header from the grease pencil dopesheet and objects statistics moved from npanel to object properties

edit : yeah it would be nice if we could just call the renaming with enter key instead of having to click the rename button

This is super cool :slight_smile: This shows that it is apparently much less complicated than I expected it to be. I will look into that for the next update. Thank you very much for the videos and explanations!

I made a task for it: