Simple Render Dimension Problem (A little help?)

Hello guys, been a while since I posted something :cool:, well here I am again, needing a helping hand.:ba:

My problem is simple: How do I resize the camera border without changing it’s position or scale? (Increase the render border past the square limit?)

(Maybe I am missing/not understanding something?):eek:

You can see in the image I sent Ilustrate my problem, I need to adjust the render border to a little more to the right, to capture the sphere object.

I know we can manipulate the camera orthographic scale, also the position or even the offset.

My problem is, I can’t do that, because I am rendering graphics for a 2D character animation, and if I offset the graphics, I have to fix it later on the game engine. The graphics are centered because when I switch animations in my 2D game engine, it will be correctly positioned.

I was working with a idle animation, and set the render border around my character, then when I made a walking and running animation, noticed that his feet were going off the render border, :frowning:

The only way I found to work around this, was to change the ortographic scale, and increase slighty the pixels of the output image, eyeballing it to match the size of the rest of the sprites, can’t I manipulate the render borders more than the standard square?

Hope you guys can shine some light into my mind,

Happy Potato (maybe Frustrated Potato now…:mad:)

if you are in ortho mode, sliding the camera should simply pan around the view.

hit G, then X twice to move the camera side ways. or you can change the Global button to Local and use the gimzos to drag the camera.

if you just hit G while looking through the camera, this will also pan locally.

@Daedalus_MDW, Thank you for your time reading and trying to help me :), but I don’t think I made clear what my problem is.

I continued to search for more info, and found a thread similar to mine.


[ATTACH=CONFIG]503802[/ATTACH]]( is another guy that tried to find a solution to the same kind of problem I have. :spin:

I don’t remember exacly what 3D software I used (used a bunch of them overtime), but it got some kind of render border measured in pixels, in which you could bypass the render border, and the resolution you inputted was the render output frame, in Blender the resolution you input kind of works like a pixel density.

In other words, what I was hoping to achieve was to hack the render border limit :evilgrin:, but I am guessing that I will have to adapt my workflow to work with what blender currently have, no pun intended, it’s more repetitive work, but it’s okay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy Potato

-By the way, I am not closing the thread yet (maybe at tomorrow’s night), if anyone knows a trick with this, help a Blender comrade out. :ba:

Oh well, I don’t think there are any tricks to this scenario yet, you guys can close this thread if you like. :spin:

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