[Simple request] Remodeling given object according to instructions

I need help with remodeling a given object in .fbx format, according to this instructions:

  1. Improving the triangle mesh, removing splinters and degenerated triangles
    2.Linking everything into one object
    3.Filling any “holes” in the given object (lack of a piece of wall for example)
  2. Adding simple architectural fixes like a cornice or a niche for a window.

Link to for downloading a model: https://www.sendspace.com/file/s5b74i

I’ve been working with this for three hours straight and I’m slowly going insane with tons of strange bugs that keep happening when I’m trying to do this. I’m sure that for some more experienced with Blender it’s a piece of cake, but not for me apparently :confused:

I think you should take over from this point, otherwise it wouldn’t be fair ;).

There were no bugs, btw. Since model was done in a different software, not Blender, and had appropriate to adjusted face normals texture file which is likely lost in translation you’d need to texture model here from beginning. Check if scale is applied before you start- i might have been not careful enough.

If you have any questions open a new thread in appropriate forum section.