Simple rigged human model-- inquirey

(Nayman) #1

hey, can anyone possible throw me over a very simple looking rigged human male model… no features nessicary. i just need basically a dummy to map out some stuff to do later with a more advanced model. full credit will be given, and if you ever need one of my models, i gaurentee its availability…

jsut a nice rigger model that i can animate of a person. (and no, blendo does not quite work, but along those lines.)


(pannomatte) #2

Chech these out (In Nan Demo Archive) Hove low poly fem, and high poly M and F

(Nayman) #3

anyone have a RIGGED one?

(theeth) #4

how’s that


(pannomatte) #5

Micheal I haven’t seen your site in awhile and it looks great. Those are your high poly count male and female models I have posted. Heres (I think Rashs) old IKA tute on walking and uses an artists wood model type ridgid body. Alt+A to see anim.

(Nayman) #6

thanx for all thehelp

these arew coming ver close, but not quite…

either rigging or bodies are showing up… the two combined would be perfect!

(slikdigit) #7

what about going to the blenderchar website and downloading blendo? granted, he’s not exactly human, but he is a biped.

(Nayman) #8

ya, i ttried out blendo… see…

i hate to admit it, but i am doing some spiderman animation, so i need a tall, slender, male or female form to attempt his motion.
Unfortunatly, even though blendo is a great character, he is too short and stumpy to see it i can make him movie like spidey!

So i need an acutal person, rigged up to move.
If it works out i will leanr to make a good human model and rig it, but i need ot see if i can do the motion first, asnd i am on a deadline. I used the blender girl for one, and it looked alright,m but she is too chunky

any mroe ideas?

(slikdigit) #9

You could modify blendo; scale him (and his armature) to human proportions, then increase the number of bones in his back so he can be limber like spidey.

(Nayman) #10


not as easy as it sounds