Simple Room

Hey All,
this is something i quickly put together to help look at ideas for a room and decided to have a little fun with it. Now this is a very basic and simple room i created so i wasnt trying to get technical with anything. Hope you all like what i did with this LOL.

Camera 1
Camera 2

Camera 3

Camera 4

that bed-sheet is sucking all the happiness and color and brightness of this image D: i dare not stare down into the blackness of it’s soul

not so much …

Looks like you had some fun but I am afraid of that bed too :slight_smile: I notice one familiar landscape out of the window!

size and proportion are all wrong.
do a little research if you dont have a tape measure or the objects with you.

type “bed Size” into Yahoo! Search look what you get…

type in “door size” look what you get…

As you can see… just from these two measurements your scene would look alot better.

thanks oanav and i did have some fun with this lol. yea the landscape out the window is from the nature academy and so is the flower picture in which i had made my own from it. No need to be afraid of the bed haha

holyenigma74: i know the measurements were wrong because i didnt care to much about this… i was just doing something for fun to quickly see an idea and then decided to put it on here. i know this is not the best of scenes for it was not intended to be, this was only for fun and literally done in less than a half hour.