Simple Room

This is my first try on a simple room with furniture. I hope you like it!

hi maybe I’m the first so let me welcome you to the wonderful world of creating your own 3d worlds/scenes and renders.

if this is your first work let me tell you that i get a smile on my face when i see it. Its nothing bad but I think of the time i started.

So to your room:

you need more lighting (it looks like cycles is it?)
your ground texture looks to big compared to the glass-table and the couch -> try to scale up the uv-map

the biggest issue is the scale of the furniture itself it looks to small to me compared to the wooden thing that is between floor and wall

don’t let you down by criticism I/we are here to help you -> i watched alot and I mean alot of youtube tutorials i think at least 2-4 hours a day haha I know thats alot

and by the way your render looks much much better than some rare pieces i saw here in the forum

sorry for bad english but keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!
I’ve seen a couple videos on 3D architecture and I know there’s a lot I did wrong. I’ll need some more practice I think :wink: