Simple rotateable object application


I have an idea that in my opinion every blender user could benefit of:
Possibilty to turn any object to a simple application in which you could rotate and view the object. Maybe there could be some options to change its color or texture, but very simple. The final product would be e.g. .app or .exe which could be run on any computer with compatible platform (like a game).

I have a good start but since I have no knowledge of python I can’t really continue much myself. I’m sure there are people in blender community that can make a .blend like this only in a couple of hours. It should be usable in Blender 2.5x…

The most important:
- rotate the object by left clicking and moving the mouse (hovering mouse over the object)

Bonus options:

  • change material-X’s color by a color slider
  • change UV-X by a button (followed by a dialogue to select a file or toggle files from a specific folder)
  • change background image button
  • change background color slider

Take a look at my file and feel free to modify it. Please share your contributions!


rotate_object_v1.blend (515 KB)