Simple RPG - screenshot and first beta!

I think that there is a easy way to make any genre of game on Blender. So, I came up with a simple format for an RPG game. I’m going to try and make sort of a simple RPG engine using no scripting at all. So here’s the draft format that I scribled up. I’ll be posting updates regularly (hopfully).

Simple RPG Format


  1. Character Level - lvl
  2. Character Health - hp
  3. Character Experience - xp
  4. xp needed for next lvl - nextlvl

How it Works:
When the character is near an enemy he is prompted to press space (for example) to attack. When the “hero” attacks his xp slowly increases. Once it reaches the nextlvl value the hero’s lvl goes up one. Each time his/her lvl increases the nextlvl value increases, so it takes longer to lvl up the higher the lvl he/she is.

BETA 1.0 (I know it’s not much yet)


Main Character

For an RPG, your going to need scripting. Period.
I mean, you gotta have an algorithm for the exp need to level, and if you want a random damage factor, stuff like that.

I think u can do this with pure properties - it will be a lot of properties

well, I hope to prove you wrong curlystraw! no offence but I agree with kay_Eva. It can be done with properties and no scripting.

I think it could be done with properties… BUT it would probably be much much faster to do it with python. Beyond faster to implement it will probably look much neater, and be much easier to add advanced features.

Just my 2 cents

I still don’t understand why one would go out of their way to avoid scripting… What’s wrong with superior performance, readability, versatility, and a short learning curve?

Isnt more logicbrick the SLOWER the game? I could be way wrong

If you want some extra side help…stuff that is small not needed to much in the game…PM me…im ffree

I don’t think that it would be very complicated to make it without scripting. The whole point of this is to find an easy way to make RPGs in blender. Many people know little if any scripting. And python is not somthing you can learn quickly. I’m hoping to demonstrate my idea so that noobs or experienced users can quickly make an RPG game instead of spending months making it and probably never finishing. Their are far to many uncompleted projects on this site (some are mine).

Even if you do use python, you will still need properties. Python is not ‘better’ than logic bricks. It is simply more efficient for more complex tasks, and is less confusing to follow. Believe me. I tried:
First Shot And that’s only about 3/4
IDK, it’s doable, and quite fun IMHO.

For an example of a good RPG, look at haidme’s KRUM.

And if you want a very confusing tutorial on low-poly modeling, see this.

ok, i’ve got a question… is there any way to add one properties value to anothers. ex. I want to make it so that there is one property named nxtlvl (next level) and then there’s one named xp (experience)the nxtlvl property is how much experience is need till the next lvl. so I want to make it so that once the xp property reaches the nxtlvl property then your lvl goes up. but as far as I can tell there is no way to make a sensor that says “if xp is equal to nxtlvl…” all you can do is check if xp is equal to a certain number not if it is equal to the value of another property. does that make any sense at all?

I would say just re-adjust the nxtlvl value to a higher amount each time you reach that value. For instance:

xp = 23
nxtlvl = 25

+4 xp gained

xp = 27
nxtlvl = 50

Make sense?


that’s what the expressions controller is for - here is a tutorial site helped me a lot,

what blender build did you use to create the runtime? i’m having trouble running it.

nevermind, i got it, OMG I’M LVL 5 ALREADY!!
seems like a good start, i like how the “mobs” spawn in random locations.

Very cool stuff! Looks like you have a great project going on here.

So I should be able to just type in to that expresion box “xp = nxtlvl”

I haven’t used expressions in a while, but you may need an ‘if’. So maybe: if xp == nxtlvl

it worked with just “xp = nxtlvl” so I’ve now overcome that problem. Now I just need to animate the character model and import him into the game. thanks for the help. (=