Simple Rubik's Cube Game

Ladies and gentlemen,

After much time, effort and annoyance, I’ve finally finished a small project I’ve been working on.

Please let me know any critics or comments you have. All was made in Blender (coding in Python), textures were made in CorelDraw.

Thanks to Monster for his help with animation problems :slight_smile:

A how to play file is also included so you can see all the controls.


Revision 1:

Revision 2:

Very nice, but rage quitting here wont work too well, because I can’t throw this cube on the floor, I’d have
to throw the laptop instead…
Anywho, the camera is odd, I once had it rotating at 100 MPH and I wasn’t even pressing anything.

The game is pretty neat, the only thing that made me sad was you didn’t include a folder in the rar.
I had to create a new folder to extract it to. :frowning:

Nice job, Lambo. Unfortunatly, I hate the rubiks cube, I tried to review it fairly.
If I must give Rubik’s a score, it’d be 840/1000! :ba:
Good work!

Haha thank you my friend. The funny thing is in don’t know how to solve a Rubik’s cube either! It was just kinda a concept I thought of and and with.

I noticed the camera to be strange in the runtime too. You need to be much more delicate than in the .blend. Not sure why that is.

Yay I solved it!
good interface for solving/scrabbling
nice lighting setup, good use of glsl shading
camera is a little too sensitive, I think it might work better if you you weren’t sending the mouse to the center (which jerks the mouse and throws the cube.
background is still default grey, this project would look much better if you used a skybox or something.
No solved state, It would be nice if the game let me now when I have solved it, possibly a timer as well.
All in all a pretty nice game, could use a little polish though.

Hi nice puzzle.
I liked the simple design and interface.
The interface is bit sensitive. And when I rotate the cube using middle mouse button, it keeps moving in the speed I moved it. Better to add some damping for rotation.

Questions: Did you use physics constraints?

Thanks for all the feedback, positive and negative are both welcome :slight_smile:

cubeparadox, yeah it would be good if the mouselook would centre before rotating the view, I couldn’t work out how to do that, maybe I’ll have a good search around, I got use to it but yeah if the mouse cursor is off centre and you press middle mouse it will throw the view a bit. Didn’t even think of a background, might have a toy around with a few solid colours or textures so thanks for bringing that to my attention. For the solving state, I kinda wanted the ‘flash’ effect of the cube to represent that. Not have a big ‘you win’ pop up haha.

codetiger, as above might have to have a little bit more play around with the mouselook ;). No physics on any objects, what exactly were you referring to?

pretty cool! I had a few issues though. I think the camera should slow down or stop when the player releases the “orbit” button. And after about two minutes the animations stopped playing. other than that, this is a neat little desktop app. You could possibly add multiple “styles” of cubes such as a lambo-themed one, where instead of different colored squares, you have different colored lambos. You could also include different difficulties (i.e 6x6, 10x10, 2x2 :)). just suggestions though.

Yeah I’m in South America right now and don’t have access to a Windows PC so any tweaking will have to wait, I’ll definitely overhaul the mouselook though, it seems to be the cause of most criticism haha.

Styles are an awesome idea, I’ll definitely look into that! Pictures or something, definitely gonna play around with that.

Ok guys! Long time no Blender using (moved to South America, only just got a computer), but now back to fiddling. Thought I’d pick up where I let off and pimp this Rubik’s cube up! Started with the mouselook changes. A revision 2 link has been added to the first post but for those that can’t be bothered scrolling:

Now when I get free time again I’m thinking of incorporating the picture idea, plus a more suitable background. Let me know if revision 2 fixes your criticisms with the mouselook and remember all criticisms are welcome!

EDIT: Ooops forgot the ‘HOW TO PLAY’ text file. Added it in the .rar and changed both links.

I tried many times to make a rubiks cube game in blender but i could not make the game can you kindly upload a tutorial to make this game.

I tried many times to make a rubiks cube game in blender but i could not make the game can you kindly upload a tutorial to make this game.