Simple Scaling Question

I’ve noticed that in the transforms window (N) that there’s some scale values. Is there any way to access these values in a script?

To access scale you have to use the keyword size. So the code is like ob.SizeX = 2.0

the size values that I get seem to be different than the values in the scale transforms? I had assumed that sizeX was the distance between the two farthest vertices on the X axis

hiya, scaling factors are received exactly like Atom said. What is the problem with yours?

Please be careful with this cause in Object mode you get scalings made to the object in object mode ONLY. Scalings made in Edit mode does not effect size values in Transform properties. To get the real scaling values you’d need to make much more complicated calculations involving als the Dims of the object… :wink:


ah nvm, I was appending the objects and I needed to reset the scale values via ctrl-a before appending.
Thanks for your help!