Simple Scene from a still from Detective Conan

No people, just a building. Thought it was simple enough to try it with Cycles. Gonna make a dead line of Sunday the 6th of April at Midnight. After that I will just finish what I have and post it in the Finished Projects forum. Here’s the scene in question (forgot what episode it was):

The black feather-edged square is an average height of a person, and the door size is approximate. The imperial and metric systems in blender are very convenient.

Here’s what I have:

My goal is not to make it gallery material, but to do a respectable job.

Deadline gone and passed, but I’m still gonna finish. New deadline? I don’t know, I’ll think about it.

The only thing done is the little bricks in the lower left corner. I’m using the Preetham sky texture model, which does much better lighting for this scene than the Hosek/Wilkie model.

Nice model. I love Detective Conan. One of my fav anime and manga.
So, here is my thought:

  1. Camera position. The edge of the wall should be straight vertical.
  2. The sidewalk should be more wider. I think its because at your reference image, the angle of the camera make it a little bit narrow.
  3. The glass door and window is too much foggy. I think you should make it more reflective.
    Of course this only my opinion. After all, I like your kanji letter.

Extended the sidewalk some. Thanks for the tip.

Been working on it slow, but it’s been going. Uv-mapped everything in this picture. Did all textures from scratch, using textures off the internet as overlays and such.

(Click for larger picture)

Done a lot of UV mapping and some texture work.


Better textures.