Simple scene / YafaRay

Blender 2.49b/Yafaray


Nice work. Doesn’t look like a cheery place to sit :wink: I’d expect Morpheus to be there giving me the Red or Blue pill speech.

Very nice are you going to make more of the room?

Excellent render and beautiful textures, lightning and materials! I already saw that on the yafaray forum. Very nice work, i am looking forwart to see more works from you :slight_smile:

Big thx All!

Wow, cool picture, well done!

Simple and effective. Nice.

beautiful work, so glad to see some nice Yafaray renders here:)

I love the textured wallpaper you chose.

I really like the mood and lighting.
Would you mind share a screenshot of your scene lighting setup and render settings?
And how is the leather done, with texture or some procedural?

Looking good, it kind of creeps me out but its good

Thank You.
Lighting is doblesided light meshes,leather is texture-diffuse/reflect/bump.


Thanks for the pictures, it helps us new Yafaray users a lot.
Wow, that’s a complex lighting setup, how did you come up with that, lots of testing?
This is the part i get frustrating, change things, render, change, render, change, render…
What was your render settings for this?

Render setings


Great render, really good job !
But watching your settings, rendering had to be long !!! ( FG samples x AA samples> 256 x 20= 5120 !) You can use 64 FG samples with 2-4 AAsamples, combining AApixelwidth to 1.2 ( using Gaussian in AA filter, never Box for final results).

Ok. I’ll fix it for next renders

Use planes for the meshlights. There is no gain in emitting light away from the scene objects.

2.49?! YES!!!

No cycles?! YES!!!

This is how we do it! Awesome work! :smiley:

Looks very nice, well done.