Simple scene

(VelikM) #1

It’s a simple scene, but thats what I like.
More of a glass bubble.

(rogerm3d) #2

Nice. Is it floating? Also did you on purpose make metal tiles on ground, or just a non tileabletexture? Would make a nice marble. Now just need the rest of the set.

(VelikM) #3

The floor is actually a wood texture with ‘No RGB’ on and ‘Emit’ on, so yes it was on puropse. A marble? maybe with Virtual Light. And I just can’t stop myself, I just have to use Mist! It’s a sickness :o but it’s my sickness.

(blengine) #4

interesting… i love the ball texture, very cool… the ground texture is neat too…and the mist, gotta love mist!

(rixtr66) #5

i like the conflicting textures,interesting.
what is it?


(Jolly Gnome) #6

It looks grrrreat, but not exactly glass :slight_smile:

(VelikM) #7

It looks grrrreat, but not exactly glass [icon_smile.gif]

Ya Blender doesn’t do glass as well as LightFlow, but it does make pretty pictures so I forgive it. :smiley: