simple scene

i decided i do a really simple scene that can be recognised as tetris.
i had shown it to a friend that does graphic design as a job and he actuallly given this a meaning…somehow.
“the pieces look as if its portraying how people can be fixed on something for a while and later they are completely forgotten” honestly i dont see it. but what do you think of it for being such a simple scene?

I didn’t think of Tetris. Except for the green 2x2 piece these are pieces of a Soma Cube. Soma was a 3x3x3 cube puzzle that was popular back in the ??? i don’t know… '70s maybe ??? Here’s a link to a Soma Cube done in origami.

it does look really similar never heard of a soma cube but i think i found something that will amuse me for a while :smiley: