simple shape advice please


Another simple thing that’s tripping me up…

You can see that on the right side that corner curve section isn’t smooth on the top face and I’m not sure how to sort it out.

Here’s the .blend file…

Thanks for looking and I look forward to hearing the solution :wink:

You can get better edges with a ring around the top edge. Not the best topology but get the idea


Thanks Richard, much appreciated.

So does it matter how you get from A to B? Did you subdivide the lines, create new edges and move them into place?

With Blender it seems you need to know what you want to do before you start and more often than not it’s much easier to just start again than try to fix what you’ve got.

This is much better after starting afresh.

Thanks again

>With Blender it seems you need to know what you want to do…

No, every software conceived to date will not think for you. They are not designed to read your mind. They will give you the correct output if you give it “proper” input. And so yes, you do need to know what Blender will do if you input given information beforehand.

That’s pretty pedantic, grumpy today ridix? :wink:

As I have to justify my statement perhaps I should have said…

I’m finding Blender, or rather 3d is very unforgiving, shapes have to be constructed ‘properly’ and when you don’t know what ‘properly’ is it is invariably easier to start again with simple shapes than try to correct the situation with a limited skillset.

Any loop holes in that? :wink:

Sounds about right to me LCG. it’s like the basic skills of learning to deal with a paint brush, if you don’t know how to make a given shape with your brush you will find it very difficult at times, but given some practice you learn the basic do’s and dont’s and can generally figure out what to do before you get to the point of having to backtrack and fix.

Have you done much in tutorials or learning on edge loops/edge flow? Ultimately the nature of the beast with poly-by-poly and subsurface modeling is that it’s very precise which is good and bad same as sculpting is good and bad in other ways.

and for your mistake here (I wouldn’t really call it a mistake though, as it’s just level of detail management, your first topology would be fine in many situations.) the “loop hole” for this situation would probably be the bevel tool, and the practice to know how to use it in this situation, so not really a shortcut, just technique and practice.

Sorry about that LCG. I didn’t mean to sound all that critical.

If you get some effects you don’t like, make a note of it. And try to avoid doing that next time. This applies to Blender and all the way up to $100,000 software.

ridix - no problem, it sounded like you thought I was stupid enough to think the program was psychic so I defended my position. I appreciate your help in my other thread so it’s all good :wink:

Atemporalskill - Yeah it’s tricky, I have been a designer for 15 years and this whole 3d thing seems counter intuitive to me. I guess I haven’t clicked with the whole quads n tris mentality, I’m like ‘yeah but I just want to draw this shape… and I’ve got to do what?!!’ lol

Tutorials also seem quite specific, they’re either “this is the vertex select tool, g to grab” etc etc (eg:very basic) or tailored to creating a very specific shape and whilst there might be one technique that is of use I have to sit through an hour’s worth of tutorial to get to it. I’ve probably watched over a sixty hours of tutorials so far and I’ve not seen one video that states ‘the rules’.
I would like to find a video that says ‘you can do this, you can’t do this, if you want to do that you have to do this’ etc

This is the kind of thing I’m doing with blender (gui design)…

I find I’m doing what I am able to do rather than what I want to do, which is frustrating. For example I make a half decent attempt at faking 3d in photoshop…

To create something like this in blender I need a strategy and I wouldn’t like to try and get all those panels out of a single mesh, instead I’d opt for a base plane and construct the ‘boxes’ seperately. Still, I wouldn’t know where to start with above image, I don’t know how to do the large swept curve of the panel on the right…

That’s as far as I got but I can’t then ‘inset faces’ because of all the loop cuts, I’m just fumbling around in the dark trying to stumble across a way around the various problems I encounter along the way. When I do find a solution then my shape doesn’t conform to the rules and subsurf doesn’t work properly (for example).

It’s tough.

If you know of any tutorials that might help I’m all ears (and eyes :wink: )

Case in point…

So I thought, right ok, I’ll approach this from a completely different angle, starting with a single vertex I drew my way around the shape, working in circles at the corners, duplicated the shape and tweaked accordingly.
I ended up with a 2d path which I extruded vertically, so far so good. Tried a test render, looked a bit flat so I inset the faces and raised those up a bit. Not bad…

Still a bit flat, what if I try setting the shading to smooth on just the top faces?


So I did something wrong somewhere, all the points are zeroed to the z axis and beyond that I don’t know.

So have I just wasted two and a half hours?

For a simple change, try adding an edge-split modifier. Adjust the split angle to give the result you want or mark specific edges to be sharp with Ctrl+E / mark sharp.

Thanks again richard, I’ve never had any luck at all with mark sharp (add modifier ‘edge split’, turn off angles, leave ‘sharp edges’ selected, use edge select, select edges, ctrl+e mark sharp) just doesn’t work for me, including this time.

If anyone feels like being nice…

This is the .blend file…

All I want to do is extrude it and add a nice bevel around the edge. As far as I’m aware all the vertices are centred in the z plane, if you could check that’d be great.

Also is this an ok way to go about drawing shapes?


Can’t see why it an edge split with edges marked as Sharp does not work for you ?
Select edges :
CTRL+E -> Mark Sharp
Add an Edge Split Modifier, turn off “edge angle” and from that :
you get that

Now for the bevel, you need to use the “Bevel Round” addon while having the edges i mentionned selected.
The Bevel Round addon is available in recent SVN builds , in File -> User Preference -> Addons, in the Testing -> Mesh category.

Enable it then in Edit Mode you’ll see in the left panel a button named “Bevel Round” (the current “default” W->Bevel is inefficient and produce too awfull result in comparison to the Bevel Round addon).

Once you have the edges selected, press the “Bevel Round” button, then in the Operator menu (or press F6 to have it as a popup) set the “Offset” to 0.01 or lower or around and you should have some nice bevel

Hi Sanctuary, thanks a lot for that :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty similar outcome to where I got to with inset faces, you’re right, bevel did a terrible job and bevel round was better so that’s another option to try if ever I need to.

If you can make that bevel you have smooth then please let me know, thanks again for taking the time to do the screencaps :slight_smile: