Simple Shape Not Possible in Blender?


OK…I’m start’n to pull out my hair on this thing! :evilgrin:

Here is the shape I need for my project, but nothing seems to work for me…I simply cannot achieve a smooth round look with the 4 extrudes on the top like that…

Image Sample from Illustrator:

I need that exact shape…

If anyone can help, I would be very grateful!


you can start and make a segment with a circle extrude it a little

then you can use spin dupli

hope it helps

just smooth it out and should work
you extrude circle removes some vertex extrude it’s easy to do



Are you suggesting that I then lay the duplicates on top of a cylinder, thus making 5 seperate parts?

If so, will subsurf make it smooth without softening the edges?

One more thing… can Blender import smooth bezier paths/curves from illustrator that I can then extrude without needing to use subsurf? I tried to import a .ai PATH using Import/Paths, but It never works for me…maybe I am not saving the .AI properly?

You can join the meshes. How much subsurf softens the edges depends, as always, on where you put your edge loops:

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If you got this far then all you need to do is select the faces of the crenelations and extrude (E) them out.


Matthew has a great example there. The polyflow is perfect for that in subsurf.

Thank you - praise from the master is praise indeed!

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Wow…nicely done, Matt!..However, I have no idea what you said about the “edge loops”… I’ll have to do some research on that one.

Thanks for the example…I just hope I can pull it off!

At least now I know it can be done…


Then let me suggest the tutorial linked to in Richard’s signature a couple of posts back. I learnt a lot from it when I was starting out.

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I found it so very simple so to model. A segmented cylinder could do the job in merely two steps

Video that I made and uploaded on screencast


And yes the blend file is attached here


sample.blend (162 KB)

Tahseen…thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. I learn the best with SEEING and you did just that.

Also, thank you Matt for that link. I have LOTS to learn :slight_smile: