simple short layer question

Once an object is created on one layer, can I put it on a different layer?

If so, How?

Thanks, I just still haven’t found this in the tutorials.

And thanks for participating in this forum by the way, all of you, it is amazing.

To put an object in a different layer:

In Object Mode, select object and hit M key with the cursor over the 3d window. A box will appear under the cursor with layer buttons. Pick a new layer and hit OK.

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Tutorials are great, and I would suggest that you start with the “Bsod” ones (links in my signature) as they are the latest and are in sync with the current version of the software.

Along with the tutorials, I would suggest that you keep three other browser windows open. One for the User Manual, the other for the User Reference, and maybe one for the main Wiki page.

If you still can’t find the answer, do a search on the forums here, then finally ask.

Also if something is not clear in the online doc’s, please say so, as they are maintaind by volunteers (like me :slight_smile: ), who are trying to keep them updated and in sync with the rapidly changing features in Blender.

Have fun ! :slight_smile:


Main Wiki Page

User Manual


Layers - User Manual

Layers - Reference

thanks Mike_s and rwv01 you guys rock. That is a huge help.
Mike, that is superb advice, I have been trying to find better tutorials after using the popular “Noob to Pro” one.

And thank you for volunteering your time and effort to maintain and update that info. As a new user it helps so much!