Simple side-scroller:dissapering charachter?!

I was making a simple game to test out a side-scroller mechanic the scrolly bit works good enough but my character dissapers at the start of the animation apart from his feet :S

If enyone nows why this is happening could you please tell me for future reference, this only took a night, but i would h8 to have spent months on a project and then the mesh dissapere during the animation :S

Also tell me what you think and where i could improve the gameplay as im going to use this game as a template for future projects after im finnished with it for thenow. test 4.blend


in the Action Editor, frame 45, delete the entire vertical row of keys!
How to improve your game?
Well it’s already very nice, quite “stylish”!
Good work!
About the gameplay…well, there’s a lot of little “tricks” I guess…start to add some “animated enemies”, maybe…or even fixed ones?
Ah, make the blue background a bit lighter?!

Delete the action key frames at frame 45 on the armature, that worked for me.

Ye , thanx, deleting the 45 keys worked here aswell.
Ye i’m gona thow in some simple ai enemies, lvls, puzzles and it sould be on the game demos/ resorces soon :smiley: