Simple skinning question?

I’m just getting back into Blender after a long time away and I’m having a hard time with the 2.3 guide.

I’m playing around with a simple skinning example using curves.

First off, can’t seem to find a “surface” curve, which the manual assures me I must use? Did this fall off the menu? Is it only available through a hot key?

Second, if I duplicate a bezier curve, I can’t seem to move it along the z axis? Odd but true, a “g” and move of the mouse button goes everywhere but “z”. This makes lining up a bunch of curves very difficult.

Any suggestions?


if you press SPACE > SURFACE , you have a NURBS CURVE

also in SPACE > CURVE, there is a NURBS CURVE

Thanks, I guess the manual should read… “Surface Nurbs Curve” I’ll make a note in my copy.

Now, any idea how to get these to move along the Z axis? Also, when I “shift-d” dupilcate them I can’t seem to get them to move apart. “p” separate just destroys the first curve…



Got it, must have been the bezier curve, as these nurb curves move like butter.



hazmat - good to see you back. I’m running the latest and greatest blender on FC2 and really enjoying it. It started out really rough with some hard lockups but I’ve kinda worked around them for now. blend on!

Hazmat, you are lucky, because I have had this problem recently :

To be able to move your curve along the Z axis, you must toggle the 3D button in the Edit - Curve and Surface panel.

You will see 3 buttons : Back-Front-3D. Be sure the 3 buttons are toggled.

I suppose you tried the tutorial with the sail boat. To find the curve you need, do this :

Add --> Surface --> Nurbs Curve.

To skin the curves, select at least 2 curves, and type F.

If you did a half figure, and want to use symetry using M (mirror copy), join the halves selecting the two vertices you want to join, and type F.

To loop a curve on itself, select at least one vertice and type C.

Good luck !


I appreciate all the tips, not working the sail boat tutorial (though I’ll have to look it up now that you mention it).

I am working on a WIP thats been “in-progress” for about a year!

Good to see you’ve taken the big leap to Fedora Core 2 Oxman, it’s on my todo list soon, in fact, I expect to get back to making blender/wings/tuhopuu2 rpms before you know it.