Simple snap question

How do I snap one cube to line up with another?

Call me retentive, but I don’t really want to do it by eye.

I’ve figured out a technique of repositioning the centre of one cube to the vertice I want to snap, then positioning the cursor to the vertice on the other cube and snapping to cursor - but boy! What a round-a-about way of doing it. Is there a simpler way?

The centers of the 2 cubes should be the same, so you could shift-s snap to selected, shift-s snap to cursor.
Another way, if you use the grid while modeling, is to hold ctrl while you are moving somthing, it will snap to each grid location.

I don’t want to align the centres of the cubes (I’m only using cubes as a simple example), but rather the edges. Your method will not do this without first resetting the object centre.

Further, during modelling there will be objects that, by their very nature, will not conveniently align to the grid.

Anyway, I found this thread which tells me that, no, there isn’t a simpler way. Pity.

PS - thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

In your scripts there should be one called Kloputils. This is an alignment script. Takes a bit of working out but maybe it’ll do what you want.

(Actually, I’m not sure I ever did figure it out). It’s in the scripts window>scripts>wizards. You can probably find a tutorial for it with a search.

Cheers, I’ll have a look.