Simple snowboarding game

I have used blender over year of making videos and models.
After a long summer nap i decided to make a simple snowboard game.
I wanted to start this thread to get some help and show my steps to the final example. Game won´t be ment to be a simulator.
I got a time table what i want to do.
First i want to start making a mountain with some jumps.
Then i want to make a snowboarder , it will be low poly and.Then i want to animate some simple moves like grabs and other movements.
After this i want to start making the game motor.
That is it for this time.On the weekend i try to make the mountain ready.Or the snowboarder body.
I don´t really know how realistic will it be but i give my best.the graphics wont be that good.
I try to get ready with the game on summer second half

If sombody want´s to help me or join in making this game let me know on my thread.
And if you have good ideas let me know maybi i will use them.

So i have modeled my characters an human and robot.I have put “bones” on them.Now i have to animate them but i don’t have any idea how to.
I have to animate the snowboard tricks like grabs and reils maybe falls to.But at the moment i want to animate grabs only.Now is the questiosn how can i animate them and how can i use them ant some point when i am starting to hit the jumps.
they are not perfect cause i don know what happened with the head .When i moved it just like sticked to the wall and stretch out.

that’s… creepy.

better one i think i will use this man

Not to be offensive, but the latest picture may have a pose that could be missunderstood, if you know what i mean :confused:

Better now ^^

Ok i will remove it…it wasn’t to be like that i had there mic on his hands :slight_smile:

it’s a fuckin zombie