simple Solid Shading problem

I’m sorry if this has been discussed before, but “solid” and “shading” are common words in the forums!

I am modeling an object with a few simple dark textures that have already been applied, and I was wondering if there is a way to hide the textures while modeling besides viewing it with wireframe. I expected “solid” shading would be what I am looking for, but i can still see the textures, and because they are dark, it is making it difficult to model. Any tips or advice without having to remove my texture!? Thanks.

Yes, switch to ‘solid’ only - the problem you have sounds like you have ‘shaded’ on, and that your object is too far from a light source. If you have ‘texface’ enabled, uncheck that in the materials tab.

Thanks for the reply. I do have only solid selected, and texface is unchecked.

Here’s an example of the problem:

I start Blender and create a cube. I add a material and change the COL value to black. Even in solid mode, the object in 3d view turns black.

Okay, I see what you mean. You are referencing Material instead of textures I take it. Yes, you will see solid color of the material represented in the 3d view, don’t know how to switch it off unless you set the material to a Fake User (little F button next to the material name bar) and the ‘X’ the link to the material while modeling. Then you can switch it on and off for material previewing.

Sorry for the mix-up with material and textures… I hardly knew there was even a difference. Thanks for the help though, I’ll give that a try later when I get home.