Simple Space Shooter

Alright, I’m trying to make a forward-scrolling space shooter, much like Ikaruga. You know, control your ship, kill stuff, and don’t die. I’ve only just started, so I don’t have anything to really post. I just have a basic setup. A simple ship, camera is set up for the most part, and two planes.

If anyone wants to help, I need someone with some good bge knowledge. You know, setting controls for the ship, make it fire, maybe a secondary fire for special weapons, picking up and using upgrades like shields and invulnerability.

I also want to make it look like stars are passing in the background, and I was hoping to do that with the particle system, though I’ve hardly worked with particles. Is there a tutorial somewhere that’ll show me the ropes on using particles in bge or something? My other idea was to take a cylinder, turn it sideways, and put an image texture on that of space and stars and galaxies or whatever, and just have it set to slowly roll underneath everything. Any ideas?

I also was wondering if there was a good method of making enemy ships fly. The most I can figure is making something emit the monsters and they fly in the direction towards your ship, but would I be able to set them on a guided course to swerve around?

Lastly, I like modelling, so I figure that’s the chuck that I wanna do, among other things of course. The player’s ship, the enemy ships, and the boss ships and maybe some other odds like the upgrades are all that come to mind. Maybe asteroids and debris to avoid now and then?

Anyways, if yo have any ideas to throw into this pile, do tell. I’m not going to worry about music or anything like that just yet. I just want to get the game set up and running before we worry about the other stuff.

particles dont work in bge

Yeah, I figured that out. Guess I’ll find some other way to do this then.