Simple (stupid) collision question

I hate to ask such a basic question in my first post, but here it goes:

How do I get automatic collision?

To elaborate:

As per some old tutorial, I made a cube, deleted a face, scaled it up, put an icosphere inside, added Actor/Dynamic properties to the icosphere, and started the simulation.

The icosphere dropped right through the bottom of the cube.

I’ve looked at the properties in face paint and both of them seem to have collision selected. I have done nothing besides what I’ve stated i.e. I haven’t altered material/texture properties in any way.

And I’ve been looking through tutorials like you wouldn’t believe, so I’d appreciate either a specific tutorial reference or a direct suggestion.

Again, sorry to take up board space with such a basic question, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

go to realtime buttons and click on actor, then on dynamic. Those may not be exact names, its been a while since i’ve used the game engine.

I’ve already activated the dynamic properties for the icosphere; that’s why it’s falling through the cube.

As for the cube, activating the dynamic properties will make it subject to gravity, etc., which I don’t want.

Just tried the latter with an actuator to make it “float” – icosphere still goes right through.

I think I set up as you did and didn’t have a problem, sphere does bounce. Is it possible that you deleted the bottom face and not the front face? Is it possible that you used the default plane and thought it was a cube?

Which game engine? The 2.25 engine? If you’re using the tlotsofusandos engine with ODE then you should use a cube. If you’re using the 2.25 engine: Are you sure that the face normal is pointing in the right direction and that collision is marked in the paint window?

I think my computer hates me.

I just freshly installed Blender on another machine (this copy and the one I was using before are both 2.25), tried the EXACT same thing, and collisions are working as expected.

Maybe it just refuses to work unless I have a headache. :x

Thanks for all the responses!

Could you have turned collision on for the faces of the icospere instead of the cube by accident?? Sorry thats all I can think of that might ave gone wrong. :-?

Keith. 8)