Simple Subtitle Editor

Use blender to create and edit video subtitle file.

Need your feedback.

Very nice! Will try it out when I got a spare moment.

I meant are the texts to be seen to be seen overlayed on the video in the viewer? (I do see them in the UI list). The srt format is pretty simple, so I don’t think that could cause any differences.

Yes, I was deleting with the ‘-’ button.

It seem that I’ve uploaded a broken file.
Please try the version 0.2, with limited support on SubViewer format I/O:

Sorry about the text overlayered on the video. It’s text rendering feature and is not even in plan right now.
If you need that text rendered, please use other softwares. e.g. mencoder, avidemux.

I’m sorry for not understanding the purpose of your script correctly. Are you aiming at using Blender to create subtitles and save them to text file?

V. 0.2 is giving me an error when loading a srt file(Blender 2.60RC). 0.1 loaded the same file correctly. Also an error when exporting without extention specified.

[I don’t know if vsfilter has been ported to Linux and Mac. If it has, it would be the obvious choice to render subtitles to video.]

Yes. That’s my main purpose. I was doing some subtitle editing before, and that time I hadn’t find any software that met my expectation. So I wrote some python script in blender to cope with it. That one is far harder to use but helped solving problems.
Sorry about not testing it thoroughly. Real life is always harder than expected.
Now format guess is based on filename extension.

File updated today. Now using zip file.

hello jamesr,

it’s a nice initiative!
but i meet a probleme, how can i see the subtitle in the editor viewer?
can u made a little tutorial? plz

I had this script for blender 2.69 (I think) I just downloaded it again and am going to try it out with blender 2.74. I will let you know my results.

Have you seen this recent commit from Antony?

Commit: 3129685f3845eef9488bdb611fe9f03be12c9adbAuthor: Antony Riakiotakis
Date: Fri Jul 3 12:34:23 2015 +0200
Branches: master

Sequencer: srt export support.

This commit adds a new operator that will compile the list of text
strips into an srt file. No positioning is supported yet but will
be added later.

The operator can be found in the effect panel in the strip properties.

Thanks 3pointEdit. But I am a windows users. I know what a compiler is and what it does but I have no means of compiling blender from scratch. I would not even know where to start or have any interesting doing so.

Neither do I SHABA1 :wink: Instead simply go to the build bot and download the most recent trunk build for your machine.

Just make sure that the build was created after this commit [3129685] Fri Jul 3 12:34:23 2015 +0200

Once again. I think you missed my meaning
I am looking for an addon that I can just put in the addon directory. I do not want to replace my whole blender installation just to get subtitles.

Oh ok, well theres a new release coming, do you update .exe upon official releases?

No I just download the new zip release from